In an effort to prove that virtual reality devices, like the Oculus, have a place in college classrooms we convinced Dr. Howard, a professor of Philosophy at Viterbo University, to let us visit his class. Specifically, we used to system to generate conversation about virtual worlds in general, how ethics function in those spaces and the possible future implementations of virtual reality. We used applications that immersed the class into interactive war zones and watched refugees guide us through their day to day in order to give students tangible scope of what the technology’s potential is. Ultimately, Dr. Howard was convinced that the tool was effective in generating unique conversation and serious class engagement.

Professor’s Thoughts:

“It’s clear that having VR technology in more educational venues and social media is a real possibility for the future, and so the topic fit in well thematically, and the students did ask perceptive questions- which shows they were engaged.”   Dr. Howard

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