In an effort to introduce new technology to the classroom so that it is seen as a tool not a from of entertainment we enticed a social studies teacher from Logan HS. Curious to see if the Oculus had a place in his class he inquired about a way to incorporate the device into his current theme: Rome. That was an easy request for us. After sifting through the Oculus’s applications we were able to find a slew of apps that brought Roman culture to life.

Student’s Thoughts:

“When I got to try the VR headset, it was something different and new.  It felt a little odd, but once I started using it, it was like I was in a whole new world.  It didn’t feel like I was in a simple office, it felt like I was actually in Rome and in front of the the Colossus of Nero.  It was a whole new level of learning and it was something different.  Technology has come so far from being able to go to Rome to experiencing it in a small room.  It shows how humans can experiment with electronics and make a whole new gadget that can be used to show and feel the world.  I have heard about the Oculus and I REALLY wanted to try it.  I’ve always loved technology and I want to try and see if I can find a career with any kind of technology, and being able to try the Oculus was an amazing experience and I’m glad I got to experience it.  And to the people who helped with the headset, I want to say thank you for giving me an opportunity to try new technology.”

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