In an effort to introduce new technology to the classroom so that it is seen as a tool not a from of entertainment we ran into a couple interested art teachers. After showing both of them the Oculus it didn’t take long for us to come up with ideas for how this system could be implemented in art class. Ultimately, the teachers found a new virtual medium with infinite possibilities for the student. Using applications like TitleBrush, x and y students designed various objects in a new interactive space revealing new techniques for creating. Eventually the students had the opportunity to 3-D print their work and show them to their peers. After seeing how students engaged and the endless possibilities the teachers decided to write a grant of their own for the technology and eventually successfully received a system of their own. For Philo, and the others involved with this project it was a reminder that sometimes you just need to facilitate an introduction, the utility of the technology will prove itself quickly or not.

Teacher’s Quote:

“The experience mirrors real-world commercial design projects,” added Lenarz. “This opportunity will also give students the unique experience of using virtual reality to design an object in this new innovative technology space. This could potentially launch them into a career path or expand their options and interests throughout the remaining years of their education going into their future careers.”


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