At its least and most utilitarian purpose the BitterRoot is an oral refresher. The tips of each BitterRoot are soaked in organic oils for twelve hours before drying. Leaving a strong and lasting flavor for you to mull on.

Another utility could be emergency fire fodder but, seriously, don’t count on these for that.

The flavors can also be infused in anything. Like your hot-coco or coffee. Hell, if your feeling rowdy, and are of age, throw a cinnamon stick in some whiskey. That will perk ya up and get you thinking.

Trying to quit cigarettes? Some users claimed the BitterRoot was a surprisingly great alternative to a cigarette.

Beyond this, BitterRoots aim to remind people that in a complicated world it is important to spend the time unpacking the intricacies. The only way to do that is by taking moments to contemplate. Subsequently, its about taking mental ownership and being responsible for what you mull on. The human psyche is vulnerable if it is not actively trying to expand its awareness so stay diligent and chew on a BitterRoot. Stay Pensive.