Our philosophy of using Technology to solve issues hinges on one key factor: People being media literate.

Media Literacy is a 21st century approach to education. It provides a framework to access, analyze, evaluate, create and participate with messages in a variety of forms — from print to video to the Internet. Media literacy builds an understanding of the role of media in society as well as essential skills of inquiry and self-expression necessary for citizens of a democracy.

For this reason, we feel the necessity to promote media literacy education in every way we can. This notion has taken us mostly into classrooms where teachers are aiming to introduce technology in a controlled and safe environment. We help by first, helping educators see how the technology can be used as a resource and second by developing innovative projects that are exciting for the students.

If this is something you are interested as teacher or a student please do not hesitate to get ahold of us. We are always actively looking for a classroom to collaborate with or simply help resource wise. Until then Stay Pensive and thank you educators for all the hard work you do!

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