The Perfect Response

Elizabeth Warren delivers a perfect and simple answer when asked about gay marriage. We need a voice like Elizabeth’s that is about uniting and defending everyone.

No Fish, No Food

We are running out of fish! Nat. Geo: The sea is running out of fish, despite nations’ pledges to stop it

The Tragedy We Perpetuate

It’s a sad reality, our border, and all the contributing factors. Here is yet another article, this time from the Rolling Stone, documenting the dramatic and ghastly journey people seeking asylum must go through. Rolling Stone: The Deadliest Crossing

A Glimpse

Here is a great article that gives readers a glimpse of the sad reality that is our southern border

Seward, AK

Waking up this morning in gorgeous Seward, AK is a real treat. The tall snow capped mountains and the wild sea all peacefully met me for my morning cup of joe. I am looking forward to working here for the day with AK, Starfish. Our goals are to take some promotional photos of her newContinue reading Seward, AK


It’s a gorgeous day to be in Homer, AK! While waiting for our VR meeting I decided to go for a walk on the beach and gather some more BitterRoots. Today the kids decide on what scene in Homer to recreate. If I were them I would recreate this view… Regardless of what they comeContinue reading 02/13/19