Welcome to the Journey

Welcome to the beginning of the Journey! As COVID – 19 continues to reveal the holes in our society and the protests demand systemic changes to fix those holes I’ve been faced with some existential questions of my own. Specially the ones that ring the loudest in my head are; Who am I in the mix of all this? and what is my lifestyle contributing to? As a filmmaker, I’ve worked all over the country on big sets with household names but over time it just hasn’t filled me up like it I thought it would. I am constantly troubled more and more by the state of our world, our country, and myself. As a result, I’ve spent a great deal of time over the years researching and working toward a better understanding of all of those and what I’ve found is being reaffirmed by the chants for change singing across our nation. It is time for systemic change, it is time for personal change. It is time to accept that most of our lifestyles, that includes how we spend our leisure, our professions, ourselves are trapped in a system that isn’t working for us or the world at large. But what do we do next? What exactly is that change? and how do we implement that change? As I began to unpack that and like others, we find a flurry of solutions that offer a better future in economics, healthcare, legal systems, etc. From my vantage point, I see overarching themes in all of these solutions that fit under the umbrella of Degrowth. If you don’t know what Degrowth is, give the audio segment below a listen. My brother who is starting his Ph.D. in Spain on the matter and I elaborate on some of the basic principles there in hopes of bringing more awareness and understanding of the concepts grounded in the idea. I’ve been so inspired by this notion that I’ve decided to begin creating other ways of digesting this information. Especially, I am embarking on a journey across the United States and beyond to document what it takes to personally to adopt these ideas but also identify tangible examples of Degrowth and examples that show why its innovations are applicable. I am leaving my normal life behind and jumping in a van I recently remodeled to tour the countryside to see life as it is outside of the daily grind that keeps us locked in. This will not be an easy journey but hopefully in the end I will have found the answers personally and also created an informative piece that displays Degrowth. It is my thinking that, before we try and change the larger picture we must master that change within ourselves, only then can we begin to see how the larger picture needs to adjust. Or rather only then does a person have the ability to join the larger cause as a formidable force. Stay tuned as this journey begins and carries on here on our Instagram handle philo_f_i. 0

Audio Segment on Degrowth

TALK ON DEGROWTH (an introduction)