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If you are white, Today is about understanding privilege. It’s about acknowledging the white supremacy that is baked into our system. Take the time. Do the work, be a good friend, be a good ally.

The impending doom of our election

As Trump ironically (the republicans usually have been the ones to urge more voting by mail) spreads doubt about the legitimacy of voting by mail and our political voting system in general a big crisis grows on top of our already tragic COVID-19 virus crisis and the racial injustices plaguing our cities; we are going to have a large demographic doubt the elections result no matter what and give the republicans the amo they need to continue their agenda. This strategy of spreading doubt plus the excessive amount of gerrymandering has stripped the democratic process of its most sacred pillars. There should be a reaction. We need a change or else we will, like we are seeing already, see the end of what was our country and the beginning of a stronghold for neoliberalism. The only thing preventing that as of now is our passions for something better. Listen to the podcast below for a more comprehensive look at what I am discussing here.Continue reading The impending doom of our election

conspiracism IN THE US

Check out this series of articles provided by #The Atlantic about conspiracism in the US. Its scary and compliments yesterdays article regarding radical Evangelicals quite well.

God is on Trump’s Side

Right wing evangelicals have been working with Trump since 2016 to promote their agenda, and after four years they are backing Trump in 2020 again. This time their goal is use “geo-fencing” aka data mining for ripe candidates. Check out this article and let us know what you think…. are evangelicals using god as tokenContinue reading God is on Trump’s Side

A personal note

Today I got a call from my mom and she told me a story that ultimately summarizes why I love my mom’s perspective and her in general so much. She called to tell me that with some money she had received she was going to make a big move and finally, after 13 years, sheContinue reading A personal note

empathy goes a long way

Check out this article. The Irish are sending the Choctaw Tribe money as a way of paying forward an old gift of empathy. In these difficult times its important to remember who is getting hurt the worst right now in our country and the world. Native Americans, Black and Brown communities, and other impoverished groupsContinue reading empathy goes a long way


Check out this Podcast. It talks about reframing our concept of value so that it better fits a sustainable future.