Seward, AK

Waking up this morning in gorgeous Seward, AK is a real treat. The tall snow capped mountains and the wild sea all peacefully met me for my morning cup of joe. I am looking forward to working here for the day with AK, Starfish. Our goals are to take some promotional photos of her newContinue reading Seward, AK

Learning to Stay Pensive

Usually, a new year is ushered in by a fleeting best self. But, after a year like 2018, there was a lot of room for retrospection and ultimately some very substantial goals. While I can not set goals for my community, state, or country, on my independent list, I can make some serious changes ofContinue reading Learning to Stay Pensive

Philo 2019

After being on the road working different gigs PHILO is inevitably on the cold outskirts of people’s attention. For that reason we wanted to bring Philo back in a big way. In years past our communication regarding our projects has been very isolated to those we are working with. Now in an effort to keepContinue reading Philo 2019