I watched this today and broke down crying. I urge everyone who didn’t see Rev. Al Sharpton speak at Goerge Floyd’s funeral to watch.

If you haven’t listened to our first segment, Talk on Degrowth pt.1, please do. If you have and are looking for more information regarding Degrowth, the following document below does a great job at introducing anyone who is interested to a variety of key Degrowth terms.

Food For Thought

My friend @tiaKTA reposted this excerpt the other day and it really got my wheels turning. Masculinity as it has been framed in our society still needs to be broken down and analyzed in a major way. It’s important that people all over take time to think about what masculinity is to then personally. HopefullyContinue reading Food For Thought


Check out this Podcast. It talks about reframing our concept of value so that it better fits a sustainable future.

The Great Land Robbery This is another eye opening article from the Atlantic that reminds us of yet another way black families in the US have been robbed of equal opportunity.

Permafrost; another global warming agent we didn’t account for This article in Nat. Geo is yet another example of an element contributing to the ever more rapidly developing climate crisis. As the world gets warmer so do these mammoth sized plates of frozen organic material causing them to release large amounts of carbon into the air speeding up the earths warming process. ThisContinue reading Permafrost; another global warming agent we didn’t account for

Bristol Bay Podcast

If you don’t know about it already from our former posts or haven’t heard about it at all this podcast is a great way to familiarize yourself with Bristol Bay and the Pebble Mine. Specifically, we are working to generate money via our BitterRoots product to help support causes, like the podcast, that bring awarenessContinue reading Bristol Bay Podcast