In an effort to bring more awareness to cultural appropriation and other cultural issues Philo and a few of their friends helped to design a monthly movie night. The goal; find a movie that is terrifyingly insensitive and watch it in the company of the culture being targeted. Ultimately, after watching as much of the film as the audience could bear the guests of honor would take the stage to explain what about the movie was offensive and how detrimental those interpretations of their situations are. Some things the orators pointed out were obvious but other examples of cultural misunderstandings were much more subtle and harder to unpack. Ultimately, the larger audience was able to ask questions and have discussions in a safe atmosphere. As a result, everyone left feeling a mutual understanding and respect. Finally, by hosting the event in the epic Perl St. Brewery we were able to donate funds generated from t-shirt and beer sales to the organization we invited to help us breakdown the movie. In the end this event proved to be successful and reminded everyone involved the power of a movie, conversation and a little mid-western beer.

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