Core Principles:

  • Bring awareness to humanitarian and environmental issues using digital mediums, technology and collective social energy.
  • Work to develop, support and actualize innovative solutions relating to social and environmental issues
  • Introduce technology in a responsible way so that it can be seen as a tool not just a form of entertainment.


Philo’s goal is to help solve social and environmental issues using its core tools; collective social energy and technology. Ultimately, this gives us a broad scope in terms of the issues we focus on the and resource we have to pull from. We like it this way. Sometimes we are the innovators other times we are just a supporting agent in a larger situation. Of course we have found certain niches where our tools make the most sense but thinking outside of this box is our most prized skill.

Why Technology?

Technology is our main tool because of its ability to connect contexts and generate empathy. This ability to take people where they otherwise could not go in immersive ways can have untold benefits for our society if used in the appropriate way.

For us, solving humanitarian and environmental problems starts by introducing the issue. For many this happens through a technological medium. Because of this and the ubiquity of technology content producers need to respect the devices but also the people using it. By applying our motto to we are using devices to expose problems, explain the intricacies and set an example for how to use one of the most powerful tools of our time.