Talk on degrowth

Hello Friends, Family and anybody else out there with a few moments to listen. Currently the United States is in a crisis that is further exposing a plethora of systematic problems plaguing this country and the world. COVID-19 is revealing the longstanding tragic realties of our healthcare system, the social inequalities that corrupts the very fabric of our democracy and how economic systems are removed from realities. In addition, the degradation of our environmental, even though eased by the almost world-wide lockdown, will soon be in full operation, demanding more from earth than she has to give. As a result of wresting with these issues and trying to figure just how we begin these changes my brother and I have been researching alternative future solutions. 

As a result we have started creating a three-piece audio program about the science and ideology of Degrowth. In our eyes the concepts within Degrowth are solutions to the problems we are seeing all around us. They offer tangible ideas cultivated in activist led movements and later refined by academic sciences. It is a system determined to change the imaginary of growth. It is a system aimed at giving back autonomy to the people. It is a call for us to acknowledge the actual value of the environment. It is a true mechanism of change. For that reason we wanted to open the conversation up by exploring the basics. 

We plan to host a Zoom meeting to discuss our first piece. As previously mentioned, there is a necessity to change but in order to do that we must be united, motivated by a common idea, and fearless in the face of the those who push against the change. Our hope is that this introduces people to mechanisms and a lexicon that they can take to their own communities and begin to implement change or facilitate conversations.  


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