A personal note

Today I got a call from my mom and she told me a story that ultimately summarizes why I love my mom’s perspective and her in general so much. She called to tell me that with some money she had received she was going to make a big move and finally, after 13 years, she was going to pay the final payment on my braces. For 13 years she has been paying and never missed a payment. Some months, she could only afford $25 and other months she could do a little more. Being that it was her last payment, not only on my teeth, but ultimately this payment marked the last of her boys early medical/dental bills. In that regard it was the ending of an era in a sense. To honor this moment my mom decided to take the payment to the orthodontist who worked on my teeth personally and deliver the check. She brought a picture of her and I along to tell them about my recent travels and career. They truly appreciated the sentiment  and were so moved by the situation and her dedication over the years that they offered to give the last payment back but my mother insisted, this was theirs, they deserved it. They told her that for all these years they have always respected my moms diligence having never missed a payment, despite sometimes not having enough for the full amount charged. My mom stopped when telling me this story to say “you see Cameron the effort counts, even if its small, when its all you got, its everything and people see that.” 

Its clear now for me to see that as a mother, it was important for her to make sure that I was able to go through life with the confidence of a straight smile. It’s incidents like these that constantly remind me of my moms enduring love. A nurturing love that has always looked out ahead of me and tried its best to prepare me for the oncoming challenges. While I went on smiling, shaking hands, going on dates, living my life, my mom had been busy sacrificing each and every day since I first sat down in that orthodontist chair until now motivated only by the idea that I was better off. Now that is love, that is sacrifice, and that is the essence of what a mom is. I am lucky to have someone in my life that has taught me the selflessness of love. I am also lucky to have someone in my life that takes the time to show me the value in the small things that make life deep and something to truly experience. Thanks mom for the smile and the wise words. 

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