Philo 2019

After being on the road working different gigs PHILO is inevitably on the cold outskirts of people’s attention. For that reason we wanted to bring Philo back in a big way. In years past our communication regarding our projects has been very isolated to those we are working with. Now in an effort to keep our communities in tune and share our ideas we are aiming to post more about our brand and projects. We have refined our website to help the people we are most familiar working with navigate it better and equipped it with resources that give newcomers the tools they need to glean what it is we do. Beyond this we finally started to release Philo Merch. These products truly embody Philo’s values and offer unique ways of supporting social and environmental advocates. So please, check out what we are doing currently, investigate our mission statement, browse the merch, and read about what is still to come.

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